Hi - I just stumbled across your website and saw that you offer a doggie playground open Saturdays 10am-12noon. Is this open to all dog sizes? I have a French Bulldog with loads of energy looking to make some friends!

~ Krista L. - [posted on our Facebook page]
Great store and helpful staff. We love to go there.

~ Bobbi P. - [posted on the Reading Eagle website]
The store is great!

~ Aldona G. - [posted on the Reading Eagle website]
Truly great pet store with a very knowledgable owner and many great services, in addition to quality food.

~ Mark H. - Reading, PA 19606 [posted on the Reading Eagle website]
Just wanted to say thank you again. Doug has settled in with Ruby, he visited the vet & has a clean record!

~ Dana D. - [posted on our Facebook page]
What a great article in the paper today - 'The answer to some of your pet's health issues might be no farther than the garden.

~ Susan E. - [posted on our Facebook page]
Great article and pictures! I found it in the online edition of the paper this AM. As shy as Buggy can be sometimes, who would have guessed she has a flair for modeling?

~ Mark H. - Reading, PA 19606 [posted on our Facebook page]
I just picked up Gretchen and Otto and they look great as always. Thanks for helping with the food questions.

~ Krista J. - [posted on our Facebook page]
All the dogs love the new kitten, especially my beagle. She is fitting right in with everyone. We named her Jovie. We will bring back the crate either today or tomorrow...thanks again :)

~ Ann A. - [posted on our Facebook page]
We got our cat from you guys about 5 years ago...Oscar..and aside from us being told she was a boy, when she turned out to be a girl...she's quite possibly the best cat I've ever owned!! I'd love to come see more kittens if you have them :)

~ Kristi D. - [posted on our Facebook page]
Pets Purrfur is the best and Kathy and Emily are super! At Puppy Playground, LucyBelle and Buggy are pals. Dillon hangs out with the bigger dogs! All we have to do is say 'Puppy Playground' and the dogs run to their leashes. Wish we could get there more often.

~ Sharyn C. - [posted on the Reading Eagle website]
"Thank you for helping us place "Leo" in a great home. Yea!

~ Charlene's Pets - [posted on our Facebook page]
This is a great place - the shop has many wonderful things for dogs and people. Great selections for food and treats for dogs.

~ Beverly L. - [posted on the Reading Eagle website]
Read the article in the Reading Eagle...I only treat my animals naturally and am glad to know there is a shop that deals with natural ingredients for pets.

~ Lynn H. - [posted on our Facebook page]
Thank you for offering "Cat-Man-Doo" and "Life Essentials by Cat-Man-Doo," premium pet treats for your customer’s dogs and cats. We love you. Woof...Meow...

~ Cat-Man-Doo - [posted on our Facebook page]